Kong Is Once Again King – Why You Should Watch Kong: Skull Island

Kong Is Once Again King – Why You Should Watch Kong: Skull Island

Kong Is Once Again King – Why You Should Watch Kong: Skull Island

01 Jan 1970

The story of the giant ape called Kong has been tackled multiple times across cinematic history. This year we witnessed yet another version of Kong's adventures but this time it was delivered in a fantastic and unique new way with new characters we quickly fell in love with. And the dazzling visual effects combined with the solid acting helped it achieve a global success.

At the helm of Kong: Skull Island is Jordan Vogt-Roberts, a relatively fresh director who's been new to the Hollywood game. But he quickly found his way among the very best of the best.

Anyway, let's delve deeper into what made Kong the king of the box office this spring.

What It's About

Opening in United States theaters on March 10, it had a budget of $185 million and earned $142 million worldwide. That left plenty of room for a captivating story and an outstanding visualization of it.

The movie opens with a fight between an American and Japanese soldier in 1944, which is interrupted by none other than the king of the jungle that is Kong. That is when we get to catch a glimpse of his enormity and vivid representation. That sets the tone for the whole action of the movie afterward.

The viewers are, then, transported to 1973. The scientist Bill Randa played by John Goodman is looking for a team of researchers, warriors, and people seeking adventures to explore an island that hasn't been charted before. The team quickly starts to take shape with the appearance of the British agent Conrad, portrayed by the heartthrob Tom Hiddleston and the soldier Packard brought on the screen by the amazing Samuel L. Jackson. The main lady role is given to Brie Larson who was recently awarded the Academy Award. Now she plays the passionate photographer Weaver.

After arriving at the island, the team steps into Kong's territory. But it's not long before they find out that he isn't the only one living there.

The Heroes and Villains

Although at first, it seems that Kong is the big bad here, the movie points the finger to someone else (or someones). The conflict of the movie is established when humans come on the Skull Island with explosions, which trigger Kong leading to many casualties.

Since then, Packard (Jackson) is constantly finding a way to avenge his soldiers and kill Kong. On the other hand, Kong is the protector of the island as he keeps other more dangerous creatures at bay.

The leading heroes are the charming James Conrad (Hiddleston) and Weaver (Larson) who deliver splendid performances while they fight for the good to win.

Fans ADORE it

It was the critics' consensus that the movie takes us on a thrilling ride full of action and memorable scenes. The effects are so realistic that you'll definitely find yourself wondering whether the giant ape exists in real life.

The plot itself stands out because of its ability to move you and make you think about serious questions concerning nature, how we treat it as well as our survival.

Even though it's a blockbuster, the people working on the movie took care to put a lot of emotions and soul into it besides the eye-catching visuals.


Kong: Skull Island was one of the most anticipated and popular movies of the year and it certainly didn't let the viewers down. From the A-star cast to the original story and the stunning creatures that were brought to life before our very own eyes, it's definitely a movie that the masses will enjoy. Keep watching movies on Movie Dingle.

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