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In order to make sure everything functions successfully, we have made an online form for the users, so they should fill it up for us. However, in case some of the fields are left empty or not filled with the correct information, we will be prevented from securing the rights of our clients and acting against the unauthorized files.

Another way to let us know about these types of issues is via email by sending us a written form or by post to our DMCA agent mentioned below. It is mandatory to include this information in the form: what the copyrighted files, which you claim are copied, contain exactly.

When there are more copied files, you are required to name them all in a list that contains all pieces of content that are unlawfully on the site. Also, you should include the correct description of the copied files as well as where they have been stolen from incorporating the websites’ URLs. Only if we have sufficient details we will be able to trace the content to the original source fast.

We should have the full details of the user that reported the copied content such as their complete name and surname, contact number and email, in order to get in touch with them. Then, it should be confirmed that the one complaining is totally sure that the files and their use are not legal and lawful.

Moreover, we should receive assurance that the details provided in the form are correct. In case the complaining user is announced at fault, they will be up for a penalty if the reported files are not genuine.

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